Check out Emily’s recent workshop offerings:

Body-Based Mindfulness @ Center for Urban Bioethics, Temple University, Philadelphia

Self-Guided Massage and Somatic Awareness @ Supporting Healthy Black Families Workshop, Urban Triage, Madison, WI

Stress Check-In @ Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Mindful Body Kids @ Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia

Designing Mindful Movement @ Collective Motion Arts Center, Maine

Want to bring relaxation and ease to your workplace, organization or studio? Host a workshop!

    Somatic Stress Relief: a calming and restorative hands-on practice with simple self-massage and mindfulness techniques for all.

    Mindful Body Kids: Designed for kids and teens, this workshop integrates tennis ball massage, breath techniques, and body scan meditation for a calming hour of self-care.

    Enhancing Body Awareness in the Workplace: Build awareness of our bodies at work as we assess our stress and tension levels and learn techniques to bring ease and relief for a more resilience through the workday!

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    Pictured above: Emily leads a Mindful Body Kids workshop for the Youth Arts Workshop at Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia

    Pictured above: Emily leads a Guided Self-Massage for Relaxation workshop for virtual participants during the 2020 COVID lockdown

    What They Say

    “It was such a lovely experience. I am so glad to have some self-massage tools in my toolbox now. What a gift to be able to give oneself!”

    “Your teaching style is excellent. It was very relaxing and helped ease some aches and pains!”

    “I felt so released by the end of the class! It was like I let go of excess tension”

    “Thank you so much for introducing this to me! I felt so relaxed, like a hypnotic relaxation!”

    “I felt super relaxed afterwards, and felt like I dedicated time to take care of myself”

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