Hello! My name is Emily. Thank you for visiting my site. 

I am a bodyworker, embodiment coach and educator, passionate about helping people attune to their bodies both on and off the massage table. I have practiced massage therapy for the past 7 years, and previously owned Empower Massage Therapy in Scarborough, Maine.

In an effort to improve accessibility to somatic stress relief during the pandemic lockdown, I taught  self-massage and body-based mindfulness classes via Zoom. What began as a short-term solution, developed into a career passion! Over the past three years, I have taught somatic stress relief classes to everyone from college students to medical doctors. My work continues to evolve as I adapt to the needs of my expanding audience. At the root of my classes, however, is a desire to help people connect to their bodies through calm, compassionate somatic techniques.

As an educator, I have taught movement and functional anatomy classes at massage therapy schools, dance studios, yoga trainings, and more. I have also collaborated with colleges, local non-profits, and national organizations to facilitate eating disorder awareness programming.

In December 2022, I will graduate with a Masters degree from Penn Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, where I study stress, coping and human development. 

While I love massage therapy and intend to always practice bodywork, my goal is to expand accessibility to somatic stress-release and improve well-being through workshops, classes, and programming. 

If you would like to connect, please email me at Emily@empowermt.com. I’d love to hear from you!