— Workshops for educators 

Let’s understand the pathway from body awareness to resilience!

Find Pause–> Cultivate ease–>Attune to sensations and emotions–>Interact and engage with awareness and ease

Emily’s workshops create space to explore how stress shows up in the body in a simple, user-friendly way. These workshops are great for those interested in bringing well-being and self-healing into the classroom setting. Emily’s workshops are informed by her expertise as a body worker and former anatomy instructor, as well as her studies and research at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. 


    Pictured above: Emily teaches a workshop to students at University of New England

    Pictured above: Emily leads a Mindful Body Kids workshop for the Youth Arts Workshop at the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia

    Pictured above: Emily and her niece, Clare, teach some helpful self-massage techniques to combat tension from Zoom school!


    Pause, Connect, Reflect

    Designed for educators, this class mixes guided techniques with discussion. We’ll learn body-based techniques using breath, self-administered touch, and mindfulness. We’ll also discuss how cultivating body awareness and learning to map levels of tension and ease can help with self-regulation and personal boundaries, and ultimately help students and teachers build resilience through the challenges of the pandemic-era school day.  Workshops are virtual or in-person (Philadelphia-area only).

     Stress Check-In

    Designed for students of all ages  (or teachers!), this class teaches students to locate and manage their stress in an embodied way. Emily teaches simple touch, breath, and mindfulness techniques to calm and relieve tension and chaos in the body. Class will be tailored to students’ needs and school resources. All classes outside the Philadelphia area are taught virtually. 

    What students are saying: 

    “I can’t remember the last time I felt this grounded”

    “I feel so much more in the here and now”

    “I hold so much tension in my hands from typing!”

    “I realized my belly discomfort is coming from my back tension”

    “I can totally use these techniques in class to relax in a discrete way”