Massage Therapist. Embodiment Coach. Educator.

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Emily has taught workshops to a range of audiences including: college students, classroom teachers, human resource professionals, yoga teacher trainees, and more! Here is a clip from a recent virtual body-based mindfulness workshop!

“You were, and are one of the best teachers. Thank you.”


Mindful Body for a Stressful World

Let’s build a practical toolbox to help you navigate stress in a more relaxed, resilient and embodied way


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What They Say

“It was such a lovely experience. I am so glad to have some self-massage tools in my toolbox now. What a gift to be able to give oneself!”

“I felt so released by the end of the class! It was like I let go of excess tension”

“Your teaching style is excellent. It was very relaxing and helped ease some aches and pains!”

“I felt super relaxed afterwards, and felt like I dedicated time to take care of myself”

“Thank you so much for introducing this to me! I felt so relaxed, like a hypnotic relaxation!”

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