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Workshop Offerings!

In 2021-2022, Emily taught somatic stress relief classes to a range of students including medical doctors, elementary school students, and dancers! Learn more about past and upcoming workshops here!

Massage Therapist. Embodiment Coach. Educator.

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Deriving from a desire to make massage therapy more accessible and widely-available, Emily teaches somatic stress relief classes, which feature self-massage and body-based mindfulness techniques. This work puts the skill of a massage therapist in your hands!

“You were, and are one of the best teachers. Thank you.”


Mindful Body for a Stressful World

Do you wish you felt more connected to your body? Work virtually with Emily from the comfort of your home! You’ll learn to attune to your body and develop somatic ease that influences your work, relationships, and everyday life!


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What They Say

“It was such a lovely experience. I am so glad to have some self-massage tools in my toolbox now. What a gift to be able to give oneself!”

“I felt so released by the end of the class! It was like I let go of excess tension”

“Your teaching style is excellent. It was very relaxing and helped ease some aches and pains!”

“I felt super relaxed afterwards, and felt like I dedicated time to take care of myself”

“Thank you so much for introducing this to me! I felt so relaxed, like a hypnotic relaxation!”

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